Neutrogena Men Razor Defense Shave Gel for even Sensitive Skin, Oil-Free Gel To Prevent Shaving Irritation and Razor Cuts, 7 oz (Pack of 3)



7-ounce can of Neutrogena Men's Razor Defense Shave Gel, for even sensitive skin, helps prevent shaving irritation and razor cuts Helps provide a comfortable shave & prevent against razor bumps and irritation by helping soften facial hair and skin Shaving gel is formulated with glycerin & an exclusive blend of protein conditioners. It is also formulated with skin-soothing ingredients to help boost skin's resistance to razor irritation Specifically designed for men, this shave gel features an oil-free, dye-free, and non-comedogenic formula, meaning it won't clog pores and can be used even on sensitive skin For best use, massage gel onto wet face and neck before shaving for a comfortable shave that rinses clean and won't clog pores


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